Deliverance – What It Is & Why Individuals need It

=spiritual warfare prayers and decrees=

Obadiah 1:17 “But upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possession.”

It’s unfortunate that a lot of Christians don’t know very well what deliverance is. Nonetheless, ignorance is not any defense. Just because you don’t know what deliverance is, it doesn’t imply you don’t need it. Unfortunately, the devil is not going to spare your life even though you don’t know or don’t know very well what being in spiritual bondage is.

Ultimately, deliverance will be set free from spiritual bondage. It’s having satanic yokes in your lifetime destroyed. It’s being released from the powers of darkness which can be controlling and manipulating your health.

=spiritual warfare prayers and decrees=

Deliverance is………

=> Being correctly in life.

=> Possessing all of your possessions.

=> Escaping from every satanic prison.

=> Undoing heavy burdens in your life.

=> Being released from witchcraft cages.

=> Serving quit notice on every infirmity.

=> Breaking all the evil yokes in your life.

=> Sending back evil arrows towards the senders.

=> Breaking every evil covenant in your own life.

=> Damaging the works of Satan that you experienced.

=> Breaking the chains of poverty in your own life.

=> Being released from the altars of affliction.

=> Killing every satanic embargo that you experienced.

=> Becoming victorious within your dreams.

=> Destroying the chains of darkness that you experienced.

=> Breaking all evil curses and spells in your lifetime.

=> Finding your place out there square of life.

=> Looking for and destroying destructive habits.

=> Closing any doors that you experienced opened to the enemy.

=> Capturing back precisely what the enemy has stolen within you.

The truth is, every Christian needs deliverance because at one point or another we all lived sinful lives. Be it our own sins, our parents’ sins, ancestral sins or generational sins… Sin is sin. It doesn’t matter how sin got into your health it will have a devastating effect on your life because the moment it entered into our life it gave Satan the right in law to certain areas in our life.

Basically, you need deliverance if:
=> You might have unholy fear.
=> You have a foul tongue.
=> You hear strange voices.
=> You’re constantly duped.
=> You was raised in a war zone.
=> You were abused as a child.
=> You’re afraid of being alone.
=> You suffer from restlessness.
=> You’re raped or molested.
=> You were active in the occult.
=> You have emotional disturbances.
=> You’re intensely jealous of others.
=> You encounter chains of problems.
=> You’ve been ridiculed your entire life.
=> You’ve been involved with abortion.
=> You come from a polygamous family.
=> Your mother had a difficult pregnancy.
=> You’ve inexplicable loss of memory.
=> You’re involved in profitless hard work.
=> Your parents contemplated aborting you.
=> You are chronically ill your entire life.
=> You are constantly harassed by evil spirits.
=> Your trials have refused to make an end.
=> You have been accident-prone all your life.
=> You have a good poverty in your family.
=> You’re conceived in adultery or fornication.
=> You might have horrible experiences inside your dreams.
=> You observed that you’ve inherited problems.
=> You’re extremely uncomfortable around people.
=> You observed that you are bound by sin or Satan.
=> You had imaginary playmates within your childhood.
=> You have taken part in a non-Christian religion.
=> You’ve got chronic headaches or mental confusion.
=> You were formerly rich but suddenly turned poor.
=> You are operating under evil covenants and curses.
=> You possess an evil trend of problems with your family.
=> You suffer from unexplainable family breakdowns.
=> As an alternative to going forward, you are moving backward.
=> Your inputs and efforts constantly fail to get success.
=> You need to be a winner but you’re constantly failing.
=> You find it difficult to get baptized inside the Holy Ghost.
=> You have a difficult time reading the Bible or praying.
=> You almost died in the first few years of your daily life.
=> You’re being governed by an electric contrary to your will.
=> You’re afraid of trusting people or drawing near people.
=> You have unnatural movements using parts of your body.
=> You’ve consulted palm readers, satanic advisors and psychics.
=> You might have engaged in a lifestyle of cheating, robbing and theft.
=> You’ve got a history of sexual perversion within your bloodline (polygamy, adultery, rape, incest, etc).

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